About Herbal Medicine


What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine refers to the use of plants for maintaining and restoring health. Plants, or herbs, have been the foundation of healing systems around the world for centuries, and it is truly remarkable to consider how plants and our human bodies have co-evolved over time.

My Approach

As an herbalist, my approach is patient-centered and holistic, meaning you and I will work together to better understand your unique experience of health–how your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and other influencing factors are supporting or challenging your ability to thrive as the best version of your self. From here we will devise an action plan to achieve your goals using herbs, as well as lifestyle and dietary tools. I received my formal herbal education at the Hawthorn Institute, where my unique approach based in Mind-Body medicine, Traditional Western Herbal medicine, as well as principles of Ayurveda was shaped.

Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-body medicine examines the connections between our cognitive-emotional processes and the somatic body; it seeks to identify, from a scientific perspective, how a person’s thoughts, behaviors, and lifestyle directly influence their expression of health.

Traditional Western Herbalism

The practice and evolution of botanical medicine from Hippocrates to contemporaries. We believe medicine ought to support a person’s innate vitality in order to nourish, strengthen, and rejuvenate the whole person—body, mind, and spirit.


The word Ayurveda translates as the “art of living well.” This ancient healing tradition from India teaches us how to cultivate balance and harmony everyday. This lifestyle approach involves tailoring one’s medicines and diet to match the needs of the person’s individual constitution.

Let's Work Together

My treatment approach is not merely aimed at the resolution of symptoms but seeks to identify and correct underlying imbalances. From the customized herbal formulas you can fill and take home from our on-site apothecary to lifestyle and dietary suggestions, my approach is to address you as a complete individual, including physical, social, spiritual, and cognitive components of wellbeing.

Health is Wealth!

Take Care.

The consult is a space for you to take inventory of the many pieces of your health and lifestyle. We will work together to identify your goals, outline the steps you’ll take to achieve them, and then to track and celebrate your progress! My aim is to empower you to develop the skills to maintain your personal, balanced expression of health.