Herbalist | Acro Yoga Teacher

My approach as an herbalist is patient-centered, meaning I will work with you to understand and articulate your goals and from there we will devise an action plan to achieve them using herbs, as well as lifestyle and dietary tools.

109 Clear Creek Drive, Suite 101
Ashland, Oregon 97520
Liz: 630-217-9701
Clinic: 541-708-3859
Monday 4pm – 8pm
Wednesday 4pm – 8pm

HEALTH IS OUR GREATEST WEALTH!! I whole-heartedly agree with Dr. Bronner on that one. I am absolutely tickled to be an ally for health as your herbalist and provide insight you can use to inform your relationships with plants and other aspects of your environment.

I received my degree in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley, where I was also inspired to learn about sustainable food systems and the relationships between human and environmental health. These experiences lit up my path towards becoming an herbalist, and I am now passionate about collaborating with clients to devise action plans for health using botanicals, nutrition, and lifestyle approaches.

When not nerding out on plants and strategies for promoting health, you can find me at the park or rock gym doing AcroYoga (dancing on friends’ feet.)

I have a hopeless crush on Tom Robbins with his wacky wordsmithery. Between Tom Robbins books, cats, plants and Acro, I have a hard time wiping the smile off of my face.

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